"Utah Filmmakers" Logo Assets (CC_BY-SA_4.0)

Utah Filmmakers™  has official UFA™ merchandise showcasing the name of our organization and the identifier for its members withUtah Filmmaker™” t-shirts, hats, and other items available through print-on-demand services.
However, independent artists and graphic designers have always been free to develop their own concepts of visual symbols to represent Utah filmmakers in general. To Paraphrase our Trademark Policy page, anyone can design and sell their own merchandise using generic phrases like Utah filmmaker(s).

To that end, the Utah Filmmakers™ Association is releasing the following versions of our logos and artwork elements that any artist can use as-is and/or as a starting point to develop derivative designs that they are free to share and sellroyalty-free!—if they so choose—based on the terms of the following Creative Commons license:

"Utah filmmakers Logos & elements for derivative works"
by the Utah Filmmakers™ Association
licensed under Creative Commons

Download all assets

Download individual assets from the table below: