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The Utah Filmmakers™ Facebook group—created by UFA™ Board Member Ben Hawker in 2007—is the principal forum utilized by the Utah Filmmakers™ Association to bridge the local film community with Utah’s film industry. While the UFA™ existed separately since 2002, it does not have a formal membership structure. Instead, after being invited to help Admin the Facebook group, we have worked to develop it into an effective and thriving platform and promote it as the de facto online forum for mentorship, collaboration, and promotion for professional and novice filmmakers alike.

A “Utah Filmmaker™” can be any filmmaker with direct ties to Utah including—but not limited to—Producers, Writers, Directors, Actors, Cinematographers, Sound Engineers, Set Designers, Property Masters, Hair & Make-up Artists, Animators, SFX/VFX Artists, Composers and many other technical and creative occupations.

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