UFA™ Contributions

Resources permitting, the Utah FilmmakersAssociation contributes to fundraising efforts for local films, events, and other film-related causes through direct and in-kind donations, sponsorships, and promotional efforts.

These include promoting crowd-funding campaigns and providing Production Support through various means, including assistance with pre-production due diligence and essential on-set services.

The UFA™ has directly contributed to other licensed charitable organizations and nonprofits and does everything it can to support local businesses—new and established, film-related or industry-adjacent—by prioritizing Utah-based entrepreneurs and companies when retaining contractors for mission-specific needs.

It has also assisted local film-related businesses and events with their organizational development, brand management, and licensing assistance to establish themselves and secure their branding.

The Utah Filmmakers™ Association is grateful to have contributed in the various manners described above to the following businesses, events, non-profit organizations, and specific causes.